The Department of Biological Science and Technology was established in the 1994. It started out as a master’s program and became the first biotechnology related department in Chiao Tung University.
After the doctoral program was established in 1998, the first year of undergraduate students was formally admitted in 1999.
In 2001, the Department’s Institute of Bioengineering began admitting students; and in 2002, the Institute of Bioinformatics began to formally admit students.
The College of Biological Science and Technology was established in 2003 with the approval of the Ministry of Education.


Development Features

The College emphasizes interdisciplinary development in both foundation and practice.

. Integrates molecular biology, biochemistry, information, genetic engineering, microelectronics, optoelectronics, machinery, materials, medicine, electronic engineering and other fields.

. Emphasizes the integration of theory and practice in its teaching, and actively promotes interdisciplinary learning methods.

. Focuses on forward-looking research, integrates R&D units with the industry.

. Cultivates interdisciplinary science knowledge and leadership skills in students.


Future Development

Biotechnology is the most promising industry in the 21st century.

Recruit outstanding domestic and foreign talents to join the College to strengthen its faculty team.

Integrate resources in the College and establish first-class core laboratories and research centers.

Integrate the research competitiveness of Chiao Tung University to develop interdisciplinary research in biotechnology.