Department of Biological Science and Technology (Bachelor's Program, Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Develop in students an equally solid foundation in interdisciplinary biotechnology subjects and practice, teamwork ability and the ability to cooperate and communicate with the industry, and subsequently cultivate a new generation of biotechnology research and industrial leaders in the country.
Institute of Molecular Medicine & Bioengineering (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Based on molecular and cellular biology, theoretical foundations and related applications are developed. Using the foundation and results of existing research in cells and microorganisms, the Institute hopes to continue to deepen basic research and develop nanomaterial applications in molecular medicine.
With equal emphasis on teaching and research, integration of foundation and practice, and focus on interdisciplinary research and development, the Institute cultivates both theory and application in bioinformatics and systems biology talents with the view towards becoming a top international teaching and research institution.
PhD Degree Program of Biomedical Science & Engineering
Interdisciplinary biomedical engineering is the most important emerging research field that Chiao Tung University has developed in recent years. It is also an important development strategy for NCTU to "become a leading university in the world". This doctoral program is built on NCTU’s strong and solid interdisciplinary research and resources in biology, information, electrical engineering, science, and engineering. The program cultivates clinical specialists in modern biomedical science and engineering technology and innovation in their medical treatment and diagnosis, and has created the world's top research results in biomedical science and engineering. At the same time, it has accelerated Taiwan’s development in the emerging biomedical industry. Students in the Program can select any of the full-time teachers from NCTU’s six colleges of biotechnology, electrical engineering, information, science, engineering, and optoelectronics as their doctoral dissertation advisors. Candidates are welcome to contact the teachers for discussion before applying.
Interdisciplinary Neuroscience PhD Degree Program
The goal of this program is to train interdisciplinary talents in neuroscience and engineering. The research domains for doctoral student candidates include basic neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, clinical neuroscience and neuroengineering. Students with backgrounds in electrical engineering, information, engineering, life sciences, clinical medicine and other related fields are welcome to apply.
College of Biological Science and Technology Ph.D. Program for Biotechnology Industry
The goal of this doctoral program is to cultivate doctoral talents with a forward-looking vision in biotechnology industry, and the ability to develop innovative technologies needed by the industry and develop biotechnology products. The core of development is "precision biomedical research and innovation platform and interdisciplinary industry-academia integration" that can subsequently provide clinical and industrial application solutions that are based on academic research. The College seeks to integrate its faculty and interdisciplinary expertise, cooperate with NCTU’s rich research and development capabilities in information and communication technology semiconductors, and lead Taiwan’s biotechnology industry into innovative industrial technology. By achieving these goals, the College hopes to facilitate industrial upgrading and establish a model of symbiosis between domestic biotechnology industries and academia.